Monday, February 20, 2006

James Jamerson, Bass Legend

One of the best bass players of all time, James Jamerson was one of the core musicians that produced hit after hit for Berry Gordy and the Motown sound machine at scale wages. Then when the Detroit studio moved to L.A., Jamerson and many other legendary players were notified with a note on a door and most faded into obscurity. Jamerson eventually followed the studio to L.A., but died in poverty at the age of 45. Jamerson played mostly with one finger, his index finger, the end balled with callouses, which he called "the hook."

Jamerson has his own page on the Fender Player's Club, with accompanying sheet music and tab, and is featured, along with the other "Funk Brothers" on the DVD documentary Standing in the Shadows of Motown.

I'm currently learning the bass in anticipation of my band's upcoming 2008 West Coast Boogie Way Down Low tour, and I am trying to emulate the fingerpicking style Jamerson used, although I hear picking is also acceptable these days for certain kinds of music. I am also looking for other members of the band which is currently just myself. Audition now and get into the band in time for the big tour!
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